Frequently Asked Questions


We get it. Accomplice can be a bit confusing. We think the fun is in the surprises, but if you need a little more information before booking, read on.
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  • Chevron down "I am riddled with indecision. Which Accomplice production should I get tickets to first??"
  • We don’t know you well enough to make this life changing decision for you, so we’ll just drop an info bomb about each of our Signature Shows.

    ACCOMPLICE NEW YORK is our original three-hour production that sends you on a mission to assist a few mobsters lookin’ to skip town. This hilarious journey goes through a variety of Downtown Manhattan neighborhoods, and includes several alcoholic beverages and light appetizers. For private groups, it can hold up to 15 people. Basic pricing per person is $80. Accomplice New York runs April-October.

    ACCOMPLICE THE VILLAGE is our two-hour production that takes you through the streets of adorable Greenwich Village on a rescue mission. You explore unique venues, drink a couple of delicious beverages, and of course, laugh your face off. For private groups, it can hold up to 12 people. Basic pricing per person is $65. Accomplice The Village runs year-round.

  • Chevron down “I got lotsa friends. Even more than in the hit show, "Friends" – now what?”
  • First off, don’t brag. Secondly, we’ve got a plan and it just might work. Normally, Accomplice experiences are made up of 10 people. But if you’re really popular, we may make an exception. For Accomplice the Village, our cap is 12 people, and for Accomplice New York the cap is 15.

    Buy all TEN tickets for a date and time that you’d like your oversized group to see the show (and no, we’re not calling you fat!) then reply to the confirmation e-mail telling us how many tickets to add in that time slot. Let us know which credit card to charge for the extras. We’ll be sure to email you a confirmation with the new number of tickets. Enjoy the show!

  • Chevron down “I have a pack of people coming, not 10, not 15 but somewhere in the lots vicinity. Can I bring all of them?"
  • Accomplice experiences are generally made up of groups of 10, so much larger groups must be split up. The cap on group capacity for Accomplice New York is 15 people, the group capacity for Accomplice The Village is 12. If you have more than the above-stated number of friends, we suggest breaking up into smaller groups and booking back to back. You start the experience a half an hour apart, and then you can meet up at the final location and swap stories.
  • Chevron down “I have a teenager who wants to attend the show with friends and is hopeful that I’ll be allowed NOT to come. Are your shows even appropriate for teens? Parenting is super stressful."
  • First off, you’re on our website, which means you are a caring parent who wants to send their child on a unique out-of-the-box experience that requires them to look up from their phone for a good portion of the day. You’re doing great. We’ve had many teen groups attend Accomplice, and while our shows do have scenes in a bar or two, parents generally find the show appropriate and even downright enjoyable. Depending on the age of the attendees, their knowledge of New York City, and their level of responsibility, you may want to consider having a chaperone tag along with them.
    Keep in mind that everyone booked in a group must pay for a ticket.

  • Chevron down “I have kids. The small type. Should I bring them to Accomplice?”
  • We usually recommend our Signature Shows for people aged 13 and up. However, we have had children under 13 come through the show and very much enjoy it! Others have been scarred for life. So really, it’s up to you… but, keep in mind this is a show with a good deal of walking, a splash of adult humor, and absolutely zero juice boxes.

    If you do decide to bring kids, please note that some of the scenes take place in bars, so don’t let your kid drive after the show. Also it’s never too early to learn about sharing, so please also insist that your kids allow the other audience members to engage with the clue-solving element.

    Those with several children under the age of 12 may be interested in our new show designed especially for kids, The Quest for the Seven Teeth.

  • Chevron down "I have a baby, she is so so cute and very quiet, she also seems really advanced for her age, should I bring her?”
  • Your baby sounds like an adventurous top model genius. We are just dying to meet her, but… we can’t have you bring your baby unless you are purchasing an entire group of 10 tickets. Although we love babies, especially yours, not all guests who sign up for Accomplice are prepared to experience the show with a baby on board. Not to mention it seems a bit early to introduce criminal themes at such an impressionable age.

  • Chevron down "My weekends are super full, can I experience Accomplice on a weekday?"
  • Congratulations on your social life. We typically run shows on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Don’t cry yet, we can put the show on any time for you for an additional setup fee. Occasionally at the last minute we put tickets on sale to the public, so check back here to see if we’ve put any weekday tickets on sale.

  • Chevron down "I’m gluten-free and don’t have a cellphone. Do I need one for Accomplice?"
  • It’s no problem if you won’t have a cell phone for the experience. We will email you the start details instead, please just select “Email” when you book (if you haven’t already!). And it’s extra important that you show up to your meeting spot on time, as we won’t be able to connect you to your group later on in the show if we can’t reach you by phone. Also you may want to look up the word gluten…

  • Chevron down "Is Accomplice wheelchair accessible?"
  • Unfortunately, not all of the venues that the audience visits during these adventures have ramps to accommodate wheelchairs. They are not full staircases but they are, nonetheless, made out of stairs. However, we would sincerely hate for you to miss out so holler at us prior to booking. Short of last-minute ramp construction, which it turns out is illegal, we’ll do all we can to accommodate you.

  • Chevron down "I am cookin' up some post-adventure fun – where do the shows end?"
  • That’s top secret information. But if you really want to know, email us and we just may let you in on our secret.

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