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“I encourage anyone looking for something unique to do with their family, or a group of kids, to check this out. Highly recommended!”

– Neil Patrick Harris (instagram)

The Quest For the Seven Teeth

Ignite your child’s imagination and embark on an unforgettable adventure! This interactive show immerses small groups in a world of fanciful characters who use crafts, puzzles, and games to move the story along. As your children maneuver their way through the park, they will benefit not only from a sense of wonder but also from the joy of being the lead players in a mission to help someone.

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Franklin needs your help.

Franklin was given the task of collecting seven teeth to help his cousin the Tooth Fairy and he accidentally lost them. He has an idea of where to get seven more, but he can’t do it alone. He needs your help! This experience asks your children to use their minds, voices and bodies and to navigate their way through Central Park, encountering obstacles along the way as they strive to help a friend in need.


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*Special accommodations will be made in the case of severe weather and during the winter.
If you have a home or alternate indoor space that can accommodate us, we are happy to come to you! 

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