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The Golden Spork

Join a secret dining society.

A traveling meal adventure. By private booking only.

Quick Details

  • By private booking only
  • Groups of 2-40
  • Food and drinks included
  • Perfect for holiday parties, corporate events and intimate celebrations
  • Various locations in Manhattan available.
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A Traveling NYC Dinner Party

Mysterio, the founder of a secret dining society, is looking for a group of clever and fun-loving people to join his secret dining society. The day before the event, you will receive an invite from Mysterio, asking you to experience a “progressive” dining experience like no other. Included in the letter is a clue that you must solve in order to learn where the appetizer course will be served. Throughout, you solve puzzles, find each destination and subsequent course, and get inducted into the society if you make it to dessert!

 Guest Reviews

Loved the Golden Spork!

“This was our third Accomplice and they are always so clever and FUN! The actors were great, the venues were very cool and the food was delicious! From the planning with Betsy to the dessert, we had a great time. We only hope the Accomplice creativity continues so we can enjoy future shows!”
— Kathy, Accomplice fan

“We had a fantastic night. We are a new team which I just joined in September, so this was a great team building exercise. Food was delicious, characters were fun and the puzzles were just challenging enough. We loved it! I would highly recommend this event.”
— Kristie Braun, Winthrop Management


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