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The Quest for the Seven Teeth

Franklin, the tooth fairy's cousin, is in a pickle and could use the creativity of some brave kids. If you've got tiny helping hands to lend, meet him in Central Park!

An interactive adventure for kids through Central Park.

Quick Details

  • Approximately two hours long
  • for private booking only
  • Your child is introduced to our world of make-believe and wonder before the event has even begun. Expect an e-mail from “Franklin Fairy” a day or two before you embark on your quest
  • Light, unhealthy snacks included!

Guest Review from Actor/Fan Neil Patrick Harris

“We spent hours on a puzzle filled hunt through Central Park – finding clues, completing tasks, and meeting hilarious characters. Bravo @accomplicetheshow and the talented cast for providing an experiential afternoon that we will remember for years.” (Instagram)

Check out what Iain Armitage says!

The Story

Franklin has gotten himself into trouble and he needs your help. His celebrity cousin, the Tooth Fairy, gave Franklin the task of collecting his first seven teeth and he accidentally lost all of them – not a good thing for his future career – and Franklin needs some kids to save the day.

Franklin has an idea. He has some charitable friends (all bearing a striking resemblance to characters we’ve met in storybooks) that are willing to donate teeth to make up for Franklin’s mistake. The audience meets these buddies, collects their teeth, and then brings them to Franklin so that he can prove that he’s got what it takes to be the Tooth Fairy’s assistant. Along the way, they have to be smart and careful… one never knows where the next toothless pal might be lurking, or how a puzzle needs to be solved, or when there’s a hungry troll that needs to be satisfied! The only thing for sure is that some candy and giggles are had along the way!

*Special accommodations will be made in the case of severe weather.  If you are booking a private party, and have a home or alternate indoor space that can accommodate us, we are happy to come to you!

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