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Save the Big Apple

New York City is being threatened by a dangerous villain. If you are super... or a hero... or some sort of hybrid of both...
Please contact the Puzzlers for this daring mission.

An all-day exclusive adventure through Manhattan and Brooklyn. By private booking only.

Quick Details

  • Traverse Manhattan and Brooklyn on this all-day adventure
  • Solve puzzles at breakfast at a classic New York diner
  • Riddle your way from one spot to the next
  • Travel in style in a private luxury vehicle
  • Find hidden treasure at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Sip chilled cocktails at New York’s only frozen bar
  • Uncover secrets at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • Enjoy a three-course lunch at an Italian trattoria
  • Capture memories with photography or videography
  • Toast to your success with champagne at the finale

… and so much more.

Save the Big Apple

Help save the Big Apple from freezing over. A villain with an unhealthy obsession for world domination and couture scarves is threatening to freeze the planet. The ancient Gem of Eternal Sun is the only thing that can save the human race, but it has been broken apart and scattered throughout the city. On this all-day New York City adventure, you help the Puzzlers, a covert group of misfits who possess vital intelligence. Armed with metaphysical tools, you crack codes and solve riddles to uncover the powerful gem fragments before it’s too late.

Guest Review

“Accomplice turned the sights and sounds of new york city into a film where we were the main characters. as we raced, chased and unearthed amazing stories… the actors we met made us feel like superheroes!” – Gavin Lewis, Hope&Glory PR

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